Monday, December 27, 2010

Calen Morelli - Function 9

The Effect:

Function 9 is a collection of nine effects from the mind of Calen Morelli. These 2 discs contain effects that are practical and hard hitting using everything from playing cards to rubber bands to chewing gum. Each effect is taught in detail covering over 3 hours on the 2 dvds. 

VGH(a+b) = (a) A selected card visually jumps from the deck to your hands, ending in between the spectators hands! (b) An in hands and extremely visual version of Paul Harris' grasshopper effect. 

PEN IN BOTTLE = A pen visually jumps inside a full bottle of water. 

TRANSPORT = You hold a cell phone and the spectator holds a cell phone. A rubber band is wrapped around the cell phone in your hand. The band visually vanishes from the phone in your hands and reappears on the phone they have been holding the entire time! 

=(bonus) = A borrowed ring instantly links onto a few rubber bands worn on your wrist then it melts off just as impossibly. 

SUSPENDED = You hang one band on another. Then in an instant half of the supporting band vanishes for just a moment leaving the band hanging in the air! Pure visual goodness! 

LOADED(1.0) = If you perform card under box, you will love this powerful routine! 

LOADED(2.0) = A card to hat with a kicker ending that will blow your audience away! 

FRICTION = An insanely visual rubber band thru bill routine! Impromptu and easy to learn. 

SUGAR FREE = A piece of gum visually jumps from the pack to your mouth, instantly! 

TRANSIT = An ordinary rubber band is wrapped around your finger and visually jumps from finger to finger. Calen is back with two new handling on this super visual effect.

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matt said...

function 9 part 7 doesn't exist..plis reupload....

Anonymous said...

Please reupload pt 7! Thanks for a great blog.

Anonymous said...

please, reupload it, thanks

Little Taeyang Zaii~ said...

how to get part 2?

Anonymous said...

Hey man,

can you upload it again please? Thank you ;)

Anonymous said...

dude post a wupload link to it plz im like premium on that ans such

BlackMagi said...

Calen Morelli - Function(9) - Pen in Bottle:

Calen Morelli - Function(9) - Suspended:

Calen Morelli - Function(9) - Transport:

Calen Morelli - Function(9) - VGH a:

Calen Morelli - Function(9) - VGH b:

dirk diggler said...

Can YOu Please Re UPload this one?? none of the links work... Thanks!!

freemagic2u said...

Ready to download updated on 13/04/2013

Mark Thomas said...

Links given above are oh so fake! Been looking for the true and working file and finally found it! I wanna help you out guys so here is the link...



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